Your Only Job is Self-Actualization (Part 3)

“I have idea how I’m going to market and sell that bad boy!”

Those were among the first words one of my long-time Clients said to me when we first started working together. She was talking about her new coaching program that she had priced at $20k for (I believe it was) 3 months.

I knew that she was a relatively new coach, so I was a bit surprised, and got curious…

“Tell me about it – what does this program entail? What are you actually delivering… and to whom?”

“Oh, I have no idea,” she said. “I just felt like $20k sounded like a really good number.”

To this day, we both still laugh about it.

(To be clear, we nixed that plan immediately.)

A high-Value Transformational Coaching program, created through the lens of Self-Actualization, always sells itself.

PRINCIPLE THREE of building a sustainable, high-integrity, and profitable Coaching business while prioritizing ‘Self-Actualization’ above all is this:

Your high-value Transformational Coaching Program (in my world, there is no other kind, but ‘high value’) is designed to sell itself. No hustle, no hard-sell; just creativity, expression, and connection.

Imposter Syndrome be gone

So, how do you sell a High Value Transformational Program, even as a new Coach, while keeping your integrity, and your clients’ dignity, intact?

Well, the very first step is: you don’t sell a high value Transformational Program!

What I mean is: selling the thing is the last, last, last, last-est of the last things to do, let alone think about, let alone focus on.

I know, I know… this goes against everything you’ve learned about starting, building, growing a Coaching Business.

That’s because, in the online space, “Coaching” has (very unfortunately, and to the detriment of a fantastic field and a ton of talented coaches), become virtually synonymous with “Business Coaching.”

So, if you got into ‘business coaching’ because you (kinda) thought you had to, I’ve got great news for you! There’s a whole, wide, expansive and expanding world of coaching out here, and we’d love to have you in it.

Same goes for you if you’re a Business Coach who absolutely loves it: there’s always so much more available for you if you want it!

Back to the topic at hand…

The easiest sales you’ll ever make are the ones you don’t (make).

Here are the 4 principles behind effortless selling of high-value Transformational Coaching programs… otherwise known as sales you don’t need to “make happen:”
Principle 1: “High Value” in this context refers to the number of aspects of a person’s (your client’s) life that your Program is designed to transform; and how deep and permanent those transformations are.

The “more” (in number, depth, and permanence), the higher the value of your program.

Principle 2: Pricing a high-value Transformational Program is simple: it reflects the value.

The greater the value (see Point 1 above), the higher the investment (the price, the fee). Simple.

Principle 3: When you understand how Transformation really works, and how to leverage that understanding for the purposes of coaching another person to permanent change (which is a journey that, in itself is part of your transformation and self-actualization as a coach):

the only kind of Transformational Program you can create is one that you are infinitely capable of delivering successfully.

In other words, you’ll never again question if you’re a “good enough Coach” to work with “high level” clients, because you know the journey to your current “highest level” inside and out.

You also know how to guide other people on their own journeys there, even as those journeys will look very, very different to yours.

Principle 4: Finally, speaking of your (“ideal,” “high level”) Clients…

Notice I haven’t addressed considerations like:

  • what can they afford?
  • what are they willing to pay for?
  • and whether or not they’ll “see the value” of your program?

That’s because the only people who are capable of resonating with your marketing around your program (see Part 2 of this series!) at the level required for them to actually succeed in it, are the only people you would enroll as Clients. (See also Part 1 of this series.)

And if they resonate at the level required to succeed in your program, they know it. No “selling” required – they’re already “sold.”

The (Coaching) World is your oyster, baby!

The best news?

All of the above grow and expand quickly and exponentially when you put Self-Actualization at the very center of your Transformational Coaching practice:

  • the Value (Principle 1) you’re able to design into our Transformational Program;
  • its investment level (Principle 2);
  • the results your clients are capable of achieving; and your confidence in delivering (Principle 3);
  • and the caliber of clients you’re capable of attracting and enrolling (Principle 4).

In other words, the (Coaching) world becomes your oyster.


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