Your Only Job is Self-Actualization (Part 2)

I left off Part 1 with this:

Starting – or evolving – a Coaching practice with Self-Actualization as your highest priority and only real “job” immediately puts you in a whole other category and caliber of Coach; essentially, a category and caliber defined and occupied only by you.

Bodes pretty well for Marketing & Sales, right? Indeed it does!

If, that is, you know how to leverage it. And that includes understanding how to bend the rules and use the tools* of Marketing & Sales that most “Solve-a-High-Value-Problem” Coaches use, to suit you, as a Transformational Coach.

(These are very different Coaching paths. More on this in Part 3.)

*My deepest apologies for the inadvertent rhyme. Ahem.

Client Attraction is a natural effect, not an area of focus.

So, PRINCIPLE TWO of what it looks like to build a sustainable, high-integrity, and profitable Coaching business while prioritizing ‘Self-Actualization’ above all is this:

Client Attraction (a critical part of building and growing your business) is a natural effect of your creativity and creation, rather than an area to focus your effort.

Adopting this perspective will fundamentally change how you think about marketing, sales, and money. TLDR: it gets to be playful and fun.

You’ve got to “show up,” right? We can all agree on that.

But, show up and do, say, be… what? and how? That’s the natural next question, and it’s most often answered with: “Well, that depends on your ‘Ideal Client.’” (Or your ‘niche.’)

The “Ideal Client Avatar” is a pretty straightforward (and valuable) tool for “Problem-Solving” Coaches; but for Transformational Coaches, not so much.

For Transformational Coaches, Marketing is Teaching

That’s because Marketing (done well and done successfully) for Transformational Coaches is teaching; and the very best teachers are those who:

1. teach what they’re really forking passionate about; 2. bring all of themselves – beliefs, perceptions, weird ass personality quirks, warts, tiaras, and all – to their teaching; and 3. teach what they most need to learn… and fully own that.

That number 3? That’s key.

It’s the very essence of Transformational Coaching; and of Self-Actualization.

See how this is all starting to come together?

“Ideal Client” is a myth…

Notice how none of those three points above mention anything about the best teachers teaching “what their (ideal) students want to learn…”?

I mean – it even sounds ridiculous – doesn’t it?

Just like as a widely beloved and sought-after teacher, whose classes fill up, semester after semester, within hours of opening enrollment…

we, as Transformational Coaches, can’t actually control who is going to resonate so deeply with our content and concepts, our way of expressing, our weird ass vibe, our beliefs, perspectives, etc. etc. etc.

And we wouldn’t want to!

Being open and curious, and absolutely delighted and astounded to see who comes through our (virtual) doors to pick up what we’re puttin’ down – that’s part of what makes Transformational Coaching so much fun.

What we can control – or ‘discern’ is a much better word here – is who we choose – among those delightful souls who show up around us – as clients.

I covered that in Part 1.

In Part 3, I’ll share the secret behind why a high-value Transformational Coaching program, created through the lens of Self-Actualization as your priority, always sells itself.



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