Your Only Job is Self-Actualization (Part 1)

“The most important thing for you to know right now is this: as a Transformational Coach, your only job is self-actualization.”

I said this to someone just the other day as we were discussing my 3-month program for new Coaches.

It kind of rocked his world. And I get it!

Most trainings (and Coaches’ Coaches) prioritize “being of service” and (especially for new coaches) “making money.” Yet those same trainings (and trainers) often:

  • never quite teach you how to build a sustainable practice by “being of service” (seriously – brass tacks – what does this even mean?); and
  • when it comes to “making money:” teach the same old, tired, and, let’s be real here: ethically suspect sales tactics. (So much for “being of service.”)

As a Transformational Coach, your only job is self-actualization.

So, in this 3-part series, I’m going to share with you what I shared with him:

What it looks like to build a sustainable, high-value, high-integrity, and yes, profitable, Coaching Practice while prioritizing your own Self-Actualization above all…

even if you’re building from the ground, up.

Principle 1: You Choose Your Clients

(Never, not ever, the other way around.)

What I’m not talking about here is creating an “Ideal Client Avatar; ” this is a marketing tool that has its place, though is seriously limited, especially for Transformational Coaches. More on this in Part 2.

What I mean is that you get to say YES to working intimately (that is – one-on-one, or in relatively small group settings) only with those who are capable of receiving (and then implementing, creating from) the very, very highest level of value you can deliver right now.

What this means is that your clients are an absolute joy to serve, because they’re operating and experiencing life at the top of their game… even as they want more.

What this also means is that you get to coach at the top of your game; and of course, always grow and evolve in the direction of ‘more’, yourself.

None of this is possible – certainly with any real ease – when you wake up every morning to messages from clients mired in the “problems” you’re supposedly there, as a coach to help them “solve.”

This approach is way more profitable, too.

As you may have already guessed (because you’re smart like that), you’ll be charging much higher rates than your “Problem Solving Coach” peers.

Not because your clients will be “rich” (though, of course, they could be!), but because they will be ready and available for the very, very highest level of value you can deliver right now; and your fees will reflect that value.

And that means a much, much more profitable business from the get-go.

All of the above (and we’re just getting started) means you get to start – or evolve – as a Coach, and in your coaching practice, in a completely different paradigm than that of the vast majority of your peers.

Now you’re in a completely different paradigm than that of most of your peers…

That’s perfect for many reasons, including the fact that being in a class by yourself totally suits you. (I see you in your glory!)

And because of marketing.

When Self-Actualization is your priority as a Transformational Coach, “Client Attraction” becomes the effect, not the focus, of marketing; and all “marketing” is, is self-expression.

I’ll cover all of this next, in Part 2.



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