Become the powerfully effective & profoundly impactful leader you’re called to be, while creating the money, connection, and time freedom you’ve ALWAYS been worthy of, by learning to work with the most potent medicine there is:


Become the powerfully effective & profoundly impactful leader you’re called to be, while creating the money, connection, and time freedom you’ve ALWAYS been worthy of, by learning to work with the most potent medicine there is:


If you’re like most of the deeply wise, phenomally talented people I work with, your day-to-day feels a little something like this…

You’re bored to tears teaching the same basic principles, and having the same conversations, with the same kinds of clients, who have the same kinds of problems, the same excuses about why it’s not working, the same lack of effort, and therefore the same (less than stellar) results.

You’re constantly bumping up against your own upper limits and capacity issues…

I’ve achieved more than I could have dreamed for myself 5 years ago… why can I never be satisfied?!?

Of course I want to be doing SO much more with my work and with my life… but how could I possibly do MORE without sacrificing myself to the Gods of Hustle like I’ve always done before?

You’re SO DONE with being the smartest person in the room… you’re ready for deeper conversations, people who challenge you, relationships to grow in, more meaning, more impact, greater purpose.

Yeah. I’m done with all that FOR you!

How about this instead… ?

Work with high-caliber leaders in their own industries, so that you’re always surrounded by big thinkers who continue to challenge you in the best possible ways. (Farewell, squeaky wheels!)

Command the kind of fees that “only the gurus” command (until now)… backed up by a solid foundation of world-class, evidence-based delivery, so that you’re 100% confident that your integrity is always intact. (Can the gurus claim that? Mmm…)

Cultivate the kinds of relationships with clients, colleagues, mentors, teachers, and more, that serve a purpose far greater than your wallet. (While making sure your wallet is more than well-served, too.)

Claim a level of time freedom that you’ve started to think was impossible… by getting so good at what you do that increasingly less effort produces exponentially better results. (Indeed – the power of Transformational Influence at work.)

I’m Phyllis Wilson (hi!) and this is The Mentor’s Mastermind…

A 12-month, part intimate group, part private (1-1), experience in which you’re guided and supported in becoming the truly exceptional, world-class coach you were meant to be, and owning your space as leader in the big game you’re meant to play.

As a Master Coach with over 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, I am thrilled to bring all of the wisdom I’ve gathered, and all of myself, to this Mastermind, specifically and thoughtfully designed for coaches, trainers, and consultants like you who want to bring more of yourself to your work, and to the world.


While I’ve been in the online coaching space for over 10 years, and spent the last 4 almost exclusively mentoring other coaches and consultants, it’s been the last 2 years of the pandemic that have catalyzed a seismic shift in the way I choose to be, and to build a business, as a Coach.

The pandemic has brought tremendous opportunity to the online coaching space. It’s also brought to light a bevy of questionable, shady, and even downright dangerous practices that have been hiding in plain sight under a “pretty” cloak of Spirituality.

Changing that has become a huge part of my mission.

So, I started asking more from myself, my clients, my colleagues, and fellow coaches.

And I did that by asking deeper questions. Questions like…

Where are the meaningful conversations about the larger context of our chaotic & confusing world… and the impact that’s having on us, on our clients, and on our practice of coaching?

Where are experienced, successful, and established coaches gathering to put just as much thought and energy into growing as coaches, as they are into growthing their businesses?

Who is talking less about selling to high-level leaders, and more about what it takes to actually coach them?

Where is thoughtful analysis and intellectual rigor being applied to the development of one’s own rich coaching methodology… instead of the copy/paste, one-size-fits-all solutions taught by most Coach Certification Programs?

Looking around and not finding (anywhere near) the caliber of space and conversation that I, and many other like-minded coaches I know, have been searching for… I went ahead and created them myself.

The Mentor’s Mastermind was born.


What does the Mentor’s Mastermind look like?

While our work together will look much more like a spiral than a staircase, where we’ll touch upon and return to all of the following several times over the course of the year, here is an overview of what we’ll focus on, and what you’ll create, quarter by quarter.


In which you finally see the truth of your own power as a catalyst for transformation.

Learn to skillfully leverage your own personal & spiritual growth practices and milestones to engage your clients more and more deeply, and consistently facilitate exponentially greater results, more and more quickly.

Master a unique process for tracking your own and your clients’ growth and progress in the “soft” metrics – the powerful qualitative indicators of transformation that are the precursors to measurable, quantifiable results… but have been notoriously difficult to measure (until now).

By the end of Q1 – your first 3 months – you will have…

A rock-solid set of integrated personal practices in 4 key areas of your life: Physical & Emotional Wellbeing; Learning & Education (expansion of your mind); Spirituality; and Relationships.

Already begun to see your existing clients create significantly better results, with a strong process in place to support your emerging, next-level work.

The confidence to substantially raise your fees, even with your existing clients. (Whether and when you choose to do that remains entirely up to you.)


In which you come to fully experience the phenomenon of: LESS (time and effort) equals GREATER (results).

Deep dive into your current coaching methods and processes to identify the (relatively few – usually 2-3) keys to your clients’ success, so that we can leverage those, and chuck the rest. 

Learn to fully integrate proven and powerful transformational coaching processes into your work, so that, when combined with your already-powerful and unique ‘keys to success,’ you can reliably deliver a coaching program that consistently creates exceptional results with your clients, in significantly less time.

By the end of Q2 – your first 6 months – you will have

developed your own, proprietary, high-level transformational coaching methodology that:

allows you to choose the high-caliber clients you most want to work with, with the fees (and swagger) to match

gives you the structure you need to feel confident in your delivery reliably creating the promised high-value results (and then some) …

plus the flexibility you need to know that your programs, results, and clients will always evolve with you, so you never again feel bored or caged in by your work or your business.


In which you become the masterful, world-class mentor you’re meant to be, with exactly the kinds and caliber of clients you’re meant to coach.

Master the art of recognizing the most subtle shifts in your clients’ ways of being, doing, and thinking, so that you can accelerate their progress when they’re ahead of the game, and provide them with traction before they fall too far down any slippery slopes.

Learn to create a seamless, exceptional, and scalable client experience, from marketing, to sales and enrollment, and through every aspect of your delivery and their results. 

Learn to navigate client challenges – from payment and other financial issues, to lack of engagement in your program, to personal crises (large or small), and everything in between – compassionately, gracefully, and ethically, while keeping your impeccable boundaries, and your client’s dignity, intact.

By the end of Q3 you will have…

A solid understanding, through direct experience, of exactly what makes someone an ideal client for your work, well beyond their demographics and ability (and willingness) to pay…

including their level of experience and sophistication with your area of expertise, their personal and professional values, their desired relationship dynamic with you as their coach, and much more.

Created a dynamic marketing, sales, and communications process that perfectly reflects your unique style of communicating, relating, working, and coaching… so that your uniquely matched clients recognize you immediately.

Completed a thorough analysis of your clients’ progress and results in your new, high-level program, as well as your own experience delivering it; and started implementing changes and improvements based on what you discovered. (You will also have a process in place for regular analysis and iterations moving forward.)


In which all of your relationships rise up to meet the new you.

Transform (your relationship with) your current business – including team, operations, marketing, sales, etc. – to reflect and support the new, high caliber coaching you’re delivering, and clients you’re serving.

Master the Art of Influence – learn to hold and communicate exceptionally high standards, in a way that graciously invites those around you to rise into their own power, and opens up an entirely new way of being together.

By the end of Q4 – one year later – you will be…

Surrounding yourself with people and relationships in all aspects of your life – in business, at home, in all communities where you show up (now, fully as yourself) – who are not only supportive of your growth and expansion, but are invested in it, and in you… just as you are, for them.

Radically, strategically, and uniquely redesigning your business as a vehicle for continuous growth, expansion, and impact… personal, global, financial, and legacy.

Straight From The Source

Watch & listen as a couple of my clients and I celebrate their successes, and discuss their experiences working together.

Samoa Blanchet, March 2021

Jo Davidson, June 2021

Jo Davidson, June 2021


Structure & Flow

The Mentor’s Mastermind is a hybrid, intimate-group meets private 1-1 experience.

Enrollment is always open, as long as capacity allows. For the group calls, you’ll be matched with others who are starting around the same time you are.

We’ll meet as a group (of no more than 5, plus me) on Zoom every 3 weeks for 12 months, for a total of about 17 group calls;

You and I will also meet privately, about every 6 weeks (or twice per quarter), for a total of 8 1-1 calls.

Our intimate group calls will consist of one part teaching and coaching so that you learn from me, as a Master Coach and as your mentor; and one part true Mastermind, so that you learn from each other.

In our private, 1-1 calls, we’re able to dive deep into your unique processes, challenges, desires, and more, on your journey to becoming a Master Transformational Mentor.

At least twice during the year, you’re also invited to attend a workshop led by an expert, hand-chosen by me, in a relevant field (think: spirituality and healing; health and relationships; money and finances; and business growth and PR.)

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for even more goodies to support you in our year together!

Investment & Next Steps

For the first ‘Founding Five’ members, the investment for The Mentor’s Mastermind is $36k for the year. (The investment increases to $50k once the first cohort of 5 is in place.) We have multiple payment options available and will work with you to create a plan that’s do-able.

At present time, I am also accepting fully private (1-1) clients. If that kind of mentorship is a better fit for you, let’s discuss that on our call.

Your next step is to schedule a call so that we can dive deep into what you’re experiencing right now, what you’d love to be experiencing instead, and discover how The Mentor’s Mastermind (and/or working with me privately) can support you.