Scale Your Craft

A six-week intensive designed to turn your wisdom, skills, and expertise into a unique, masterfully crafted, transformative coaching process that facilitates predictable, high-value results and instantly positions you as a stand-out in your niche.

Introductory Offer: $1,250 for the first three (3) clients – 1 spot left!

What you’ve brought out in this program is nurturing coaches to create something that is purely from them; that is who they are. This container has held me in such a way that my unique coaching process was just channeled through in a way that feels like it’s always been there.


The Struggle is real

The reality is, most coaches struggle to gain traction in the online coaching world.

And those that do find their niche (and their groove) early on? A staggering number burn out and hit a brick wall after just a few short years.

How do I know? Because I’ve coached dozens upon dozens of coaches in both of these positions. I’ve also been in both positions myself (too many times than I care to recall, to be honest).

Why does this happen? Well, the answer you’ll get from most online coaches is that it comes down to your marketing, your mindset, or both.

I call bullshirt. (If you’re a fan of The Good Place like I am, you know that’s not a typo. )

The real reason is that the vast majority of online coaches have never been taught to leverage their gifts, wisdom, and expertise to create a coaching process that’s uniquely their own – something they can stand behind, 100%.

Instead, they’ve been taught to go full throttle into building a business and a brand.

→ They’re given templates for creating “offers” before fully understanding what they’re offering.

→ They’re taught to plug-n-play the same business and marketing tactics their coach or teacher used years ago when they were selling 1-1 coaching. (Of course those tactics are outdated and the coach is far-removed from their 1-1 coaching days.)

→ They’re taught that the modalities they’ve learned (NLP, CBT, Internal Family Systems, Hypnotherapy, Human Design, Reiki, Tarot, Akashic Records, etc.) are their process…

→ And they learned that “uniqueness” comes from them; that being themselves is all it takes and all that matters.

Once again I call bullshirt.

Without a unique transformation that you specialize in facilitating, you are always competing against everyone else who has the same training and/or similar background, experience, and expertise.
And you’ll continue to struggle to gain traction with your messaging because you’re trying to apply marketing strategies to a “product” (coaching) that doesn’t have a distinct, stand-out value of its own.

In today’s insanely over-crowded online coaching space, where everyone is trying to stand out by just being themselves, having a transformation specialty, plus a solid, distinctly different, exceptionally high-quality process to facilitate that transformation is an absolute necessity.

Get this right and you immediately differentiate yourself and stand out in the crowded market. Why? Because so few coaches ever have or ever will. (The “online marketing” game is still a powerful, seductive force. But you won’t be fooled again. )

The solution is clear

It’s time to Scale Your Craft.

Create a distinctly different, transformative coaching process that leverages your unique wisdom, skills, and expertise and reliably facilitates predictable, high-value results; perfectly positioning you as the go-to in your niche.

Over the course of six weeks, you and I will work together (1-1) to do exactly that. Here’s how:

Phase One: Clarify Your MVT

Your Most Valuable Transformation, that is.

First, we’ll identify, clarify, and name the most valuable transformation you can facilitate based on your unique wisdom, skills, and expertise.

This process turns “Value Proposition” on its head by giving you the power to sell yourself on the value of your work, first. Because there is no one more compelling than a coach who stands confidently in your expertise, fully knowing the power of your work to transform lives.

Phase Two: Craft Your Unique Transformative Process

We’ll spend the majority of time together crafting a unique coaching process that leverages, rather than limits you to, your background, experience, and the techniques and modalities you’re trained in.

We’ll turn that process into a reliable, step-by-step curriculum for predictably facilitating high-value outcomes, while still remaining flexible to meet the needs, goals, and learning and integration styles of each one of your unique clients.

Phase Three: Create Your Perfect-Fit Client Profile

Finally, we’ll identify and create a profile for the kind of client who brings the knowledge, experience, mindset, preparedness, and commitment that make them exactly the right fit, and ready for the extraordinarily high-value transformation you are (now) fully prepared to facilitate, and nothing less.

Notice we’re flipping the script on the online marketing game and finding your “ideal client” last? That’s on purpose. Never again will you be at the whim and mercy of what your smallest, most doubtful and vulnerable self fears that “the market” demands.

From this day forward, you’ll always stand powerfully and confidently in your expertise and in the transformational value of your coaching, knowing exactly who will benefit most.

I’m totally in!

Introductory Offer: $1,250 for the first three (3) clients – 1 spot left!

The Structure

Here’s how we’ll Scale Your Craft

We’ll meet 3-5 times on Zoom over the course of six (6) weeks.
This program is highly customized to suit your needs. If you require or prefer to work in shorter, more frequent bursts, we’ll do that. If fewer, longer calls better suit you, that’s how we’ll work.
You’ll have access to a private community & resource library (off FB).

For a total of 10 weeks, you’ll have 24/7 access to my small (but mighty!), private community called Coach This Way. There, you’ll find resources and trainings to support you in Scaling Your Craft, plus the ability to connect with and get feedback from me and other passionate, committed coaches in between calls.

You’ll receive four (4) weeks of follow-up support.

After our initial six weeks together, you’ll a full month of access to my Office Hours calendar. Book a private (1-1), 15-minute Zoom call as needed (up to once per week) while you take action on everything you’ve learned and created in our six weeks together.

Got questions before you jump in?

I’m happy to answer them!

Send me an email or a direct message ↓

Fit is everything

Is Scale Your Craft Right for You?

You’ll have the most success in Scale Your Craft if…

You have some coaching, teaching, or consulting experience. This may mean you have your own coaching business; you’re coming from a corporate training or managerial background; and/or you’ve completed a certification program in coaching or a in particular modality.

OR, if you don’t yet have coaching experience: you are passionate about coaching and have already decided that coaching is right for you.

You know you have oodles of wisdom, skills, and experience to share as a coach, and you don’t want to be limited to just one coaching style or modality. Instead, you’re ready to dive into creating a unique, deeply transformative coaching process all your own.

You are willing to commit 3-5 hours per week to developing your unique coaching curriculum. This is an estimate, and of course, your process will be uniquely your own. The more thoughtful and intentional you are, the better, more effective, more valuable, and more aligned your coaching curriculum will be!

You understand that Scale Your Craft is a first, foundational step for building a thriving coaching business that can provide you with a very generous income… yet, it’s neither a magic pill or a shortcut to that reality. But, rest assured, once you join my circle, I have tons of resources, programs, and connections to support you in expanding your business – and your unique methodology – as big as you can dream!

This is for me!

Introductory Offer: $1,250 for the first three (3) clients – 1 spot left!


What Some of the Phenomenal Coaches I’ve Had the Pleasure to Work With Have to Say…

Samoa Blanchet

Because of the work we’ve done together, where my work is fully my own and my client relationships fuel my growth as a coach, I’ve found freedom. And what I’ve noticed is, people want to be around me more! Attracting clients is so easy from this space!

Life is so full. I’m so full. I’m so happy to be alive right now. Doing this work and being this coach is like nothing I’ve ever imagined. I never even thought this was possible, honestly.

Faye Bishop

I was aware that I had all this growth and all these tools and ache to share them with the world. And I looked at pre-existing coaching programs and none of them spoke to me; they felt so removed from my own personal experience.

Whereas, what you’ve brought out in this program is nurturing coaches to create something that is purely from them, that is who they are. This container has held me in such a way that unique methodology was just channeled through, like it was always there. Everything feels so expansive and holistic!


Just a few months ago I was crying to you down Voxer, saying: “this isn’t enough for me! I need more, more, more!” Not more money. More meaning. Because for a long time I thought “purpose” is a thing outside of you.

What I’ve come to realize through our work is that my Purpose is to evolve. But you can’t evolve yourself on your own. You have to evolve yourself through the relationships that you have with mentors, with your clients, with your loved ones. All of my relationships are evolving, and that is evolving me. And that is the most satisfying feeling on earth.

Ella K.

I never wanted to be a coach! I wanted to do a better job of training my fast-growing team, because I was really starting to dread going into work everyday. I knew a lot of it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t giving them what they needed to succeed. Phyllis completely turned that around for me. She showed me the ways that I’m already a great teacher and coach (who knew?!?). And she showed me how to take my gifts and do even better. My team and I are like best friends now!! Work is a joy again, and so is being with my husband who I swear was about to divorce my miserable self. Thank you!!

Let’s do this!

Introductory Offer: $1,250 for the first three (3) clients – 1 spot left!

Got questions before you jump in?

I’m happy to answer them!

Send me an email or a direct message ↓