S2Ep5: Are We Our Parents?

What we really, truly wanted as kids was to be heard. What we really, truly want as adults? Same.

We’ve all had a moment where we aren’t just reminded of our parents; we’ve become them.

Maybe it’s a certain gesture, speaking in a certain way, when a particular phrase comes flying–involuntarily–out of your mouth, but we’ve all been there.

The inevitable has happened.

You’ve become your mother. Or your father. Or another influential caregiver from your childhood.

Since this episode is scheduled to air on Mother’s Day, I’m thinking about parents and parenting.

How much of who we are do we owe to our parents? And how much of how they are–and were–do they owe to us?

  • How self-parenting empowers you to change your relationship to your past
  • The power of allowing yourself to hear your inner voice

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