S2Ep3: Are We The Roles We Play?

There are circumstances and professions in which a difference in how you see yourself versus how you are seen by others can mean everything. It can mean livelihood or even life itself.

Who are we really?

Are we the roles that we play? The work that we do? Are we defined by our relationships?

Is that who we are?

If I asked you if it was possible for anyone else to tell you who you are, you’d probably say absolutely not! Because you define who you are, right?

Which is true. But it’s also not the whole story.

We all tell others who they are all the time. And accepting or rejecting what other people tell us about ourselves isn’t as simple or straightforward as we might like it to be.

Today, I’m thinking about the complexity of identity.

Yes, we choose who we are, and how much any particular role defines us. But we also can’t disregard, dismiss, or discount other people’s perceptions of us, because they, too, make us who we are.

  • How social media has challenged and expanded our perceptions of who we could be

  • The paradox of possibility and our inescapable internet pasts

  • The impacts of our split-second perceptions of others on their careers, relationships, and even lives

  • An invitation to take notice and take action when it comes to perceptions

I’m Phyllis Wilson (hi!)

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