On Late Payments, Broken Agreements, Chargebacks, and Money Owed (Part 1)

Late payments, “broken” payment agreements, chargebacks, indebtedness…

I have been – and still am! – both that coach and that client.

(When you’re an entrepreneur working with entrepreneurs, these things are par for the course. This path is constantly showing us those things within us that get to be witnessed, loved, and healed… and ooooooh boy is money one of the big ones.)

The difference is that, just a few short years ago, these experiences would wreck me – emotionally, spiritually, physically, and of course, financially.

Same for the clients I work with.

Today, sh!tty money experiences are like hiccups – annoying sometimes, sure – yet, fleeting, unremarkable, and utterly incapable of destroying my peace and flow in mind, body, spirit, or wallet.

And, changing our (all of our) relationship with money has become one of the most potent and integral teachings in ALL of my programs…

and among the most powerful catalysts of transformation in ALL aspects of my clients’ lives and businesses.

By radically shifting my – and my clients’ – relationship with money, we’re ushering in a new financial paradigm for ALL of us.

“Why might we need or want a new financial paradigm,” you ask…?

Well, in the current online coaching space, there is a degree of insidious, intentional sabotage of people’s confidence, understanding, and even skills, around managing money. (It’s why the industry is often likened to an MLM/pyramid scheme.)

I won’t dive too deeply into this here; yet, it’s important to name, and I’ll explore it further in future content.

Why our “Relationship with Money”?

versus, say… “Making More Money” (including: “High Ticket Fees,” “More Profit,” and the like)? Or “Money Mindset” (“Abundance Mindset,” “High Vibe”)?

Because your relationship with money includes (and transcends; and in fact, creates) all of those things.

And when I say “your relationship” I mean YOURS, which is different from mine, or another of my client’s… or your mother’s, your neighbor’s, your best friend’s… you get it.

So, HOW to “Make More Money,” and “Have an Abundance/’Positive’ Money Mindset” looks very, very different for YOU than it does for me, my client, your client, and indeed, your mom.

(You might begin to see why some of those ‘Money’ teachings and coaches you followed never quite worked for you, even as they seemed to work for others. They weren’t “wrong;” they simply taught from a very different Money Relationship than you had/have, and didn’t go deep enough to create true transformation.)

What does “Relationship with Money” really mean?

Well, just like in interpersonal relationships, I mean your:

  • Emotional,
  • Spiritual/Energetic,
  • and Physical connections

with the both the idea, or concept, of money; and the real-life actual stuff of it.

I’ll be diving into how to begin to transform all of those things in this series.

Did You Know?

The Conscious Coach Academy and The Mentor’s Mastermind are open for enrollment, with start dates in September.

Whether you’re just starting your Coaching practice, have been coaching for a while, or are well-established, I’d love to speak with you about how we might play together and catalyze the kind of radical growth and expansion you know you’re worthy of.



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