Hi, I’m Phyllis Wilson


I am a Mentor & Master Coach for emerging and established conscious leaders in the online Coaching space; and the host of the podcast, “We’re All Alright.”

I want you to know that I see you.

And that you, my friend, are MAGNIFICENT.

AS A MENTOR & MASTER COACH, I work with brilliant, deeply wise, and extraordinarily talented Coaches, Healers, and Teachers  (Leaders, just like you) who want to bring MORE of themselves to the work they do, and to the world at large…

and in exchange, to receive more from Life than they ever thought possible.

AS THE HOST OF THE PODCAST, WE’RE ALL ALRIGHT, I share all the reasons we have to be – not just hopeful, but – JOYFUL about humanity and about our world today…

so that bringing more of yourself, and receiving more from your life, feels exciting, worthwhile, and exactly the way you want to spend your time on this planet.

It’s worth it.



‘WE'RE ALL ALRIGHT' is a podcast where I explore all the reasons we have to be hopeful, even joyful, about humanity and our world today… despite what we see in the headlines.

You’ll find ‘We’re All Alright’ in your favorite podcast player – and when you do, don’t forget to hit Follow so you never miss an episode.



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