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Coach This Way

you are a phenomenal coach

(and so are we)

Coach This Way is a collective of exceptionally smart, talented, (did we mention humble?) and conscious coaches  – from newly minted to long-established –  who:

continuously seek to learn more, grow more, do more, and BE more – as Coaches, as family and community members, and as Humans;

are actively expanding their capacities and up-leveling their skills so they can coach high-caliber clients and be highly compensated for the value they deliver;

see themselves as – or see themselves becoming – the go-to leaders in their fields

know that engaging with a committed community of like-minded, big-hearted, smart-as-hell coaches like them is the best way to accomplish all of the above!

Coach This Way is for Leaders

(which means we’re for you)

Hi! I’m Phyllis.

I’m a Master Coach, and an expert in (and perpetual student of) Self-Mastery and the Art of Mentorship.

I created Coach This Way to gather together brilliant coaches to develop our skills, share practical experience, overcome challenges, and offer opportunities and inspiration so that we can enjoy the journey to becoming true MASTERS of our craft.

Phyllis Wilson

here’s what we’re up to inside

When you join us in Coach This Way, you’ll receive…

Weekly livestreams, semi-monthly workshops, and an ever-growing library of masterclasses to sharpen your skills, expand your perspectives, awaken your Leadership, and grow your business.

A 20% discount on any course I create, as well as select programs and retreats (coming soon!), as long as you’re a Member.

And a 24/7, global community of brilliant, big-hearted, Purpose-driven, high-integrity Coaches with whom to share challenges and opportunities; seek guidance and inspiration; brainstorm and offer feedback; and create friendships, connections & partnerships that will expand your capacity, grow your business, and fundamentally change the Coaching Industry for the better.


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