Why The Spark Archetypes matter NOW…

When I created the Wise Woman Archetype™ model a couple years ago, I had a particular purpose in mind:

I wanted to show women that they really didn’t have to follow The Formula (whatever formula they’d be taught, or “sure-fire plan du jour” they found on the interwebs) and that they really (no, really, truly!) could build a business in full alignment with their values.

Something I still fully believe in!

The Wise Woman Archetypes were awesome; they were loved and they were helpful and they were of service.


There was something more there, waiting patiently to emerge.

That “something more” was big enough that I knew the Archetypes weren’t quite ready for the spotlight. And so they remained the beloved little secret of a relative few.

It was also subtle enough that it took two years and some serious soul-searching, and soul-bearing conversations, to uncover.

Here’s how I did it, and why it really matters…

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our world is CRAZY right now. Now, some of us recognize this as the inevitable shit-storm that happens at pivot points of transcendence – massive leaps in collective human consciousness, a dawning of a new age, a new paradigm, etc.

Whether you’re nodding in agreement with that, or you’re like, “what the woo-woo is she on about?” doesn’t really matter. What’s really important is this:

It’s crazy out there and we need each other.

We need mentally, physically, and certainly spiritually strong, wise, and generous souls to support us, to lift us up, to lead, and to lean on.

And so, most of us are putting our energies into becoming those people. To becoming the very best versions of ourSelves so that we can be of service to others. Which is great! That’s what we should be doing!


(Here it is: “the thing” that I came to realize after so much time, reflection and work…)

These are the ways we go about doing the work of becoming our Best Selves – grouped into themes that I know you’ll recognize:


How can we expect to take care of others if we’re not taking care of ourselves?


Find your life’s purpose. Discover your authentic self. Become your BEST self. Live and work in your zone of genius.


Find your voice! Speak your truth! Re-discover play. Re-connect with your Creative spirit.


Make bold, aligned decisions. Step into the role of CEO (of your life, of your business.) Create your own plan, plot your own path, lead yourself down it.

Okay. All great stuff, right? And true! So true.

But do you see it? Do you see what I saw?

Self this. Self that. Me, me, me, me, ME, me, me, me, meeeee.

Now, you might think I’m going to call us (we who love and make our livings from teaching this stuff) a bunch of narcissistic {insert expletive of choice here}… but I’m not! That’s not where I’m going with this.

What I am going to say is that this focus on Self – which is awesome and necessary – just doesn’t tell the whole story.

First, here’s the fundamental truth that we seem to forget:

We become our Best Selves in relationship. We also become our Worst Selves, and the entire spectrum of our Selves in relationship!

Unless you’re living on a desert island with only your volleyball to talk to, there is no Doing The Work outside of relationship… because, people? They’re EVERYWHERE.

They’re our families, our partners, our kids, our spouses, our co-workers, our teams, employees, employers, clients, friends, friends’ kids, bandmates, social circles, yoga class, and who could forget that racist uncle you have to see once a year…

You get the picture.

And as energetic beings living in a world fundamentally made up of energy, there is no way to escape the influence and the impact of other people, for better or for worse, on us; and our influence and impact on them.

Second, and very much relatedly:

We are not, and can never be, all things to all people, nor all things to ourselves, all the time. We need each other! We just do; that’s how we were created.

So, isn’t it about time we stopped wasting our energy feeling badly that we’re not… enough?

Maybe you’re not so great at Self-Care because you’re more of “rally the troops and go-go-go!” kind of person than a nurturer.

Pssst: it’s okay to let someone else take care of you. It’s even okay to ASK someone to take care of you. (I know, shocking!)

Maybe you’re feeling “stuck” spiritually because while you’re dutifully putting the hours in on the mat, what you really long for is someone by your side, guiding you down the road of Self-Discovery.

Pssst: it’s not more noble or “enlightened” to go it alone… and it’s certainly less fun.

Or maybe you struggle with Self-Leadership because, well, you’re just not a leader. That’s not to say you’re a “follower!” Maybe you’re more of a mentor, a caregiver, or a provider – all very different energy than that of a leader – and you just want someone nearby and accessible to say:

“I believe in you; I know you’ve got in you. I expect you to ask questions, I’ll tell you what I think, and I trust you to make the right decisions for you. Here, I’ll show you the way.”

(THAT, my friends, is a Leader!)

Or maybe you ARE a leader. Yes, sometimes, leaders need other leaders. Just like caregivers need other caregivers and mentors need mentors.

I’ll say it again because I don’t think any of us really, really, truly get this:

We NEED each other. We can’t do it alone. (And by “it” I mean anything and everything.) It’s normal to need other people, AND, it’s awesome that we do! Life’s pretty incredible, and we’re meant to be in it together.

So, the Wise Woman Archetypes™, while beautiful in their own right, have now transformed into The Spark Archetypes™; the first personality profiler to go beyond who you are at your best, and invite you to discover who you are together. Because the journey to becoming your Best Self is never, ever undertaken alone.

And here are some of the ways The Spark Archetypes are already making an impact, and will continue to do so…

  • they’re changing how we show up at work, in our jobs or in our businesses,
  • and how we show up at home and in communities, with our children, with our partners, and with our friends;
  • they’re making us re-think the kind of work we seek in our careers, or the kind of work we offer in our businesses;
  • they’re helping us find the BEST people for us when we look for support, coaching, mentorship, guidance;
  • they’re helping us be more discerning in who we look to as leaders and for inspiration;
  • they’re giving us more and more opportunities to lift each other up, and to recognize and celebrate when we are being lifted ourselves;
  • and they’re helping us more easily recognize and respond when others are struggling…

Those last two? Yeah, they’re the real reason for all of it.

So here it is, your invitation to…

Find Your Spark

I’m so excited to continuing exploring the Spark Universe with you!

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