Is enough really enough?

‘Tis the Season for… STUFF.

You may not want it. (That’s totally valid.) But are you asking for what you really want?

(Do you know what it is you really, truly want? Have you been afraid to find out?)

The holidays are just a short few weeks at the end of the year, where the giving and receiving of stuff is particularly intense. But, when you really think about it, we are being “gifted” with opportunities, challenges, money, bills, experiences, and yes, STUFF, all year round; and in fact, all the time.

(After all, the universe is abundant and constantly expanding.)

Here’s the thing – and here’s why the holidays are the perfect opportunity to practice something new, and change our paradigm, our way of being, for the new year…

How we choose to respond to what we DON’T want says everything about our capacity to receive what we DO want. It’s that simple.

Every time we just shrug and accept something we don’t want…

every time we settle for just enough

every time we’re unwilling to say, “Thank you. But, actually, what I REALLY want is this…”

We’re saying NO to desire; NO to creativity; NO to life itself.

What an opportunity the holidays provide for us to say YES, instead. ❤️

This video was originally a livestream in the Something Sparked FB group.

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