The Creative Path to Manifestation (& Changing the World)

There’s truly only one decision we need to make in order to effectively tap into our unique creative spirit and CREATE what we want to see in our lives, and in the world.

One decision!

(Freeing, isn’t it?)

Click here, or on the image to the right, to download the handout and follow along with the video.

This video was originally a livestream in the Something Sparked FB group. (Come join us!)

The Seat of the Sage…

is shaping up to be THE most incredible group of passionate, creative, and brave women ready to step into their Sovereignty in their relationships, in their bodies, in their creativity, in their spirituality, in their communities, in the causes they care about, in their Life’s Work, in their lives.

There is no other group available of its kind…

this isn’t coaching, this isn’t a course, this isn’t a mastermind, it isn’t a support group, and it isn’t a cheerleading squad. It’s all of these things. And yet, none at all.

What it is, is about YOU, about US, about the creative spirit that’s longing to express itself, ready to burst through.

This, now, today, is also THE chance, THE opportunity, the ONLY TIME to make the decision to say YES.

If you are ready to make a new choice, to leave scarcity behind and step into TRUE Abundance Consciousness, to commit to living fully in your creativity, to use your unique human expression to create a new world, the time is now.

Applications close on January 11th. We begin the following week.

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