Apply for Mentorship with Phyllis

Apply for Mentorship

Phyllis Wilson MentorComplete the application below fully and thoughtfully. This is your opportunity to express; take it!

Once your application is accepted, I will send you a link to schedule a call, during which we will be sure that you are the best fit for my mentorship, and choose your start date.

Commitment & Investment

>>> Private 3-Month Relationship-Focused Business/Sales Mentorship
Awakening and activating your highest-serving, most impactful work in the world.  

The focus of this 3-month program is on:

  • clarifying your high-value offer
  • learning to sell high-value, high-impact work through compassionate connection rather than scripts and templates
  • understanding the energetics of relationship marketing (so that you never, ever have to hustle again.)

Fee: $18,000 ($9,000 deposit plus 2 payments of $4,500) OR $15,000 when paid in full.

I currently only accept mentorship applications from those who:

  • are sure that you will be an excellent client for me;
  • are prepared to begin working together immediately;
  • and are ready to invest in yourself and your business.

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